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Northern Rockies patient resources are designed to promote patient education and the streamlining of the doctor/patient relationship.

Make your experience worthwhile and efficient by taking advantage of our online patient resources.

What to expect on your first visit:

Patients need to arrive at their appointment fifteen minutes prior to the time they are scheduled to see the physician.

Patients need to expect to fill out a history of their medical problem(s), past surgeries, past pertinent family medical history, along with a list of medication(s) and their dosage(s). Patients will need to bring their insurance card(s), all prior medical records pertaining to the current injury, and any prior x-rays, MRI, or CT scans, if any.

Children under the age of 18 will not be seen without a parent or legal guardian. Legal guardians must bring a legal consent. Foster parents of children will need to bring court documentation of guardianship, and either have all registration forms filled prior to the appointment and signed by the representative of the Department of Family Services or the representative needs to be present at the appointment with the foster child.

Our nursing staff will then escort you into an exam room, reviewing your history with you and verifying why you are seeing the physician.

The physician will review your history and visit with you regarding your concerns. Please feel free to bring a list of questions and concerns you want to ask the physician. Our physicians want each patient to feel that they have addressed all their questions and concerns during their visit.

You will be given a form to present to the check out person, who will in turn set you another appointment if needed, and collect your financial responsibility of the visit.